Tuesday, May 19, 2009

more antics of the kb9rqz-k9

after a bit in green bay we left and went down to see the my packling kd8ctl's dad it took a lot more enterities and it was dark and boring outside so I tried to nap in the moving den but the road was bummpy now and then ( I really don't understand why the leader of the pack does not fix it but...) I understand I am the first doggy to allowed in the den which seems realy strange my packmate Kd8ctl wgets in the den as of course does the noble pack leader kb9rqz we spent a day full of enterities in a yet another mobile den (they do come in a number of shapes and size0 was strange that the noble leader of the pack was riding back with ME but nice to be witht he leader of the pack

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